Tiny Love Tiny Princess Pack & Go Mini Mobile


Charming baby girl clip toy for on-the-go fun and engagement


Tiny Love Tiny Princess Pack & Go Mini Mobile

Key features:
♥ Clips easily to most strollers and other baby gear
♥ Fold up to fit in the palm of your hand
♥ Colors and patterns attract baby’s attention
Bell-shaped wind chime makes attractive sounds in response to babys touch
♥ Easy to use
Spiral rattle, star mirror and rattle ball to keep baby entertained and happy

Use As:
♥ Use as a mobile

♥ 40 x 13 x 10cm

♥  0.2kg

Why We Pick it:

Tiny Love presents the Pack Go Mini Mobile which is a beautifully designed portable mobile with folding wings and four toys to keep your baby entertained when out and about. Thanks to its universal clip, it can be attached to strollers, infant car seats, carrycots, cot beds and travel cots. Its unique features stimulate baby’s senses and the movement of its colourful objects will encourage your baby to look and touch the mobile, encouraging the development of their fine motor skills.

♥ Cute light-weight, colourful take-along toy suitable from birth to approx. 12 months.
♥ Stimulates babies’ cognition, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.
♥ Basic patterns and colours attract baby’s attention and bell shaped wind chime makes pleasant sounds in responds to touch.
♥ Rattle ball, folding wings, spiral rattle and star mirror to entertain baby; folds when not in use to a compact size.
♥ Universal clip for easy attachment to strollers, carrycot, baby carriers, cot beds and travel cots.

0+ months

Babies of all ages will enjoy the familiarity of their beloved toy while on-the-go.

1-3 months

Lightly swing the mobile – the movement and the colorful objects will encourage baby to look at the mobile and, gradually, try to bat the toys.

3+ months

Baby can practice her batting technique while enjoying the colorful features of this charming and compact mobile.


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