Snookums Medical Starter Kit


All You Need In One Portable Carry Case

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Snookums Medical Starter Kit

Key features:
♥ Must-have for every parent
♥ Small enough to fit in any nappy bag
♥ Zipper pouch offers extra storage space for other medical necessities.
♥ Includes 5 items
♥ Easy to use

Use As:
♥ Use as a medical kit

Why We Pick it:

The Snookums Medical Starter Set is a must-have for every parent. The zipper pouch is small enough to fit in any nappy bag. The set comprises a medicine spoon, nasal aspirator, baby scissors, medicine dropper and a 30-second digital thermometer.The zipper pouch offers extra storage space for plasters, ointment or any other medical necessities.

Baby Scissors

♥ Rounded tips for a close, safe and easy trim.

Medicine Dropper

♥ Simple, easy-squeeze bulb with clear dosage markings.
♥ Easy to administer the correct dosage.

Medicine Spoon

♥ Smooth, rounded edges that are perfect for a tiny mouth.
♥ Easy to use with embossed dosage markings.

Nasal Aspirator

♥ Relieves nasal congestion by removing excess mucus from nasal passages.

Digital Thermometer

♥ Takes an accurate temperature reading in 30 seconds and stores the last temperature taken.
♥ Beeps when peak temperature is reached.
♥ Up to 200 hours of battery life.


♥ These products are not toys and should only be handled by adults.
♥ Keep all components out of the reach of children.
♥ Inspect all components before and after use and dispose of if damaged.
♥ Sterilise products (EXCEPT THERMOMETER) before and after each use. Be aware the scissors are made of metal and cannot be sterilised in a microwave.
♥ Store all items in the case when not in use.
♥ Do not open the thermometer except when replacing battery.
♥ Safely dispose of used batteries. Accidentally swallowing a battery could be fatal.
♥ Do not drop the thermometer.
♥ Do not charge the battery or expose to extreme heat.
♥ Keep the thermometer out of water.
♥ Please read these instructions carefully and keep for future reference.
♥ Safety tested. Conforms to the requirements of ASTM.



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