Sleep Sense Baby Book


Simple steps to a full night’s sleep for babies and toddlers.

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Sleep Sense Baby Book

Key features:
♥ Simple, sensible solutions to ensure you and your baby will get a good night’s sleep by establishing healthy sleeping habits. Learn to set the stage for sleep with:

  • realistic expectations
  • appropriate sensory experiences during the day
  • the right sleep zone
  • the elimination of hunger or medical reasons for night wakings
  • healthy and sufficient day sleeps
  • good sleep associations to help your baby re-settle by himself
  • solutions for separation issues.

In addition Sleep sense offers an age-related trouble shooting section where desperate parents will find quick fixes.

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Megan Faure (B Sc OT), co-author Baby sense and owner of the acclaimed Baby Sense Company, has worked in pediatrics in the USA and South Africa. Having specialized in both sensory integration and neurodevelopment therapy, she treats babies with sensory integration difficulties, including extreme fussiness, poor sleep habits and feeding problems. She lectures to professionals and gives parent talks on issues of development and child rearing. Regularly published in parenting magazines and professional publications, Megan is the secretary of the Western Cape Association for Infant mental Health and an active member of the South African Institute for Sensory integration. She is married with three children.


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Dimensions 1 x 25 x 18 cm
Authors Megan Faure, Ann Richardson
Format Softcover with flaps
Language English, Afrikaans

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English, Afrikaans


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