Ruby Melon Natural Dingle Dangle Set


They are a concepts-based company that produces beautiful baby stimulation toys and décor products



Ruby Melon Natural Dingle Dangle Set

Key features:
♥ Boosts baby development
♥ Focuses on four key senses
♥ Fun, coloured beads, string and ribbon
♥ Made with strong plastic to endure hard pulls or throws
♥ Will keep your little ones mind busy and stimulated

Use As:
♥ Use as a dingle dangle from the Changing Mat Frame

♥ Plastic clip and beads, satin and/or elastic string, ribbon

♥ Hangs 30-45 cm long

Why We Pick it:
The Ruby Melon Natural Dingle Dangles are designed specifically to help your baby’s development.
Your little one will love the bright, fun colours, perfect for any little boy or girl!

Ruby Melon is a concept based company that creates baby developmental products, helping little ones all around South Africa. Their products are just as educational as they are beautiful. We love them for boosting development of our little ones, with even the most simple of ideas. Ruby Melon also participates with the Heartfelt Project, which creates jobs and community development in the rural community of Makapanstad. This organization creates the hand sewn Heartfelt toys that we love and adore.

Ruby Melon – Was founded by Vanessa Meredith in 2009, Ruby Melon started as a passion project. An expecting mom at the time, and with a background in early childhood development, Vanessa saw an opportunity to combine her knowledge of baby stimulation and development with her flair for design to contribute to the growing baby industry. Today, we continue to work with leading experts in their respective fields to develop products that stimulate baby’s auditory, visual, social and gross-motor developing needs.

“We love what we do and are proud to offer you our growing range of practical and beautiful products.”

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Blushing Flamingo, Brave Ellie, Candy Fox, Curious Bunny, Happy Penguin, Kind Panda, Little Lamb, Magical Unicorn, Rocket Raccoon, Stellar Skies


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