NooNoo Pie Muslin Blankets – Twin Set


You may be wondering if a muslin blanket is really worth it.

A blanket is a blanket, right?

Not so with this Muslin!

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NooNoo Pie Muslin Blankets – Twin Set

Key features:
♥ 100% Cotton
♥ Set of two
♥ Baby-safe Oeko-Tex certified dyes
♥ Soft
♥ Breathable

Use As:
♥ Use as a blanket

♥ 120mm x 120mm each

♥ 100% cotton

Why We Pick it:
These muslin blankets are 100% cotton with a soft, dreamy texture which will soothe your baby.
The loose weave makes the fabric breathable and cool so your baby won’t overheat when swaddled.
They are extra sized at 120cm x 120cm for use from newborn to toddler. The dyes are Oeko-Tex certified and baby safe.
We cant promise that your baby will sleep through the night, but the blankets can help you get one step closer.
These lovely muslin blankets can also be used as nursing covers, a portable crib sheet, a change mat, a stroller cover, and more.


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