Mother Nature Change Mat


Money Saver! Eco Friendly! Locally Made!

Change Mat/Mattress Protector – Breathable Waterproofing



Mother Nature Change Mat

Key features:
♥ Versitile
♥ Breathable
♥ Very light
♥ Used while out and about
♥ Machine washable

Use As:
♥ Use as a changing mat

♥ 55 x 50cm

Why We Pick it:

Invest in this simple mat which has dual purpose for either changing or as a mattress protector. The benefit is that the waterproofing is highly breathable to prevent accidental suffocation. The mat can be folded and used whilst out and about.

Washable change mats benefit the environment, save money and reduce the amount of chemicals your baby’s skin is exposed to. Did you know? Regular disposable change mats usually contain: propylene glycol a binder found in anti-freeze, synthetic fragrances which have been linked to reproductive changes and propyl parabens -linked to cancerous tumours.


Machine wash. Do not Tumble-dry.

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