MILK Gift Set


Bath time is fun time! Now it can also be healthy time


MILK Gift Set

Key features:
♥ Dermatologically tested
♥ All natural ingredients
♥ Ph balanced
♥ Parabin-free
♥ Soft, gentle and safe for babies

Use As:
♥ Use as hair and body wash, bum paste, bum spray, cream and oil

♥ 100 ml – 250 ml



Cocamidopropyl – Coconut oil aids in natural antiseptic cleanser.
Sodium Lauryl Glucoside – Very exclusive foam booster; enhances the look and feel of hair.
Bees Wax – Natural barrier
Axocarade Wax – Thickens the product
Zea Maize – Absorbs water
Zinc Oxide – Deodorises, anti-bacterial
Bittre orange extract – Antiinflamitory, reduces skin irritation, heals wounds/eczema/dryness, anti-bacterial, 100% natural
Tree Extract – Anti-inflammatory, smoothes and calms skin

Why do we pick it?
Bath time is fun time! Now it can also be healthy time. The milk proteins and plant oils make this perfect for baby and perfect for mom!

*MILK Baby Hair and Body Shampoo is milder than tap water on baby’s eyes, this product has MILK proteins and plant oils with all natural ingredients.  Most products have Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is a corrosive ingredient used in detergents. MILK wash contains Sodium Lauryl Glycoside which protects and enhances baby’s skin and Hair Milk wash also contains a foam booster which conditions the skin (Caprylyl Glycol).

*Treat your baby’s bum with this natural moisturiser that will also treat eczema, inflammation and irritated skin. MILK Bum Paste with zinc oxide and sweet almond oil treats burnt bums, cracked nipples and chapped lips. The MILK bum paste contains the highest level of medical grade Lanoline on the market today. This product regenerates, reconstructs, soothes and heals the skin. It is hypo-allergenic and paraben free containing natural mineral oils and bees wax. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin which is four times stronger than a standard barrier cream.

*MILK Bum Spray

Now your baby’s bum can smell like daisies while the delicate skin is being treated and protected.  Prevent nappy rash and eczema with this natural product that wont give you sticky fingers.
MILK bum spray is the only bum spray on the market. One of its ingredients is Bitter Orange extract which besides being an anti-inflammatory, it has healing qualities reducing skin irritation and dryness. It is also 100% anti-bacterial

♥ Odour neutraliser, natural disinfectant moisturiser & protector.
♥ 100% natural superior product.
♥ Neutralises bad and smelly odours.
♥ Anti-inflammatory, calms skin.
♥ Anti-bacterial.
♥ Prevents dryness.
♥ Contains Bitter orange extract which besides being an anti-inflammatory, it has healing qualities reducing skin irritation and dryness

*Did You know that the 3 main ingredients in MILK Baby Oil are:

♥ Sunflower seed oil which is known for its qualities of improving skin health and promoting cell regeneration whist protecting the skin against damage caused by the sun whilst retaining the skins moisture.
♥ Sweet Almond oil which is is a mild, hypoallergenic oil which is naturally endowed with this highly potent antioxidant vitamins E A and B . This oil seals moisture into the skin, improving absorption and ensuring pores are not blocked.The moisturising effects of the oil also removes impurities and dead skin cells.
♥ Vitamin E oil which is both a nutrient and anti oxidant . Vitamin E oil acts as a moisturiser restoring and rejuvenating dehydrated skin.Vitamin E boosts the production of collagen, a fiber-like protein that is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity it also helps cleanse dirt, grime, and other impurities while simultaneously maintaining the skin’s oil balance.

*Milk Hydrating Cream is:

100% natural moisturiserGreat for eczema, mind inflammation, drugs itchy and irritated skin
Only baby-hydrating cream on the market that contains Defensil
Superior protection for babies/kids. 5% Sweet Almond Oil
Contains Allantoin
Stimulates tissue cells
Strengthens barrier of the skin, vialis 40mg smooths demanding and sensitive skin
Hydrating film on the skin through the active ingredient Lactofil Moist
Milk cream hydrates skin and oil moisturises the skin


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