My Little Dumplings Muslin Swaddles


Keep your baby snug with these unique locally produced swaddling blankets made with 100% organic cotton from My Little Dumpling.


My Little Dumplings Muslin Swaddles

Key features:
♥ Proudly designed, printed and made in South Africa
♥ Vibrant designs
♥ 100% Certified Organic Cotton
♥ Machine washable
♥ Tumble ry safe
♥ Soft, gentle and safe for babies

Use As:
♥ Use as a swaddle or sun cover for your pram or even a tummy time blanket

♥ 1m x 1.5m

♥ Organic cotton that is GOTS certified.

Why We Pick it:
Keep your baby snug as a bug in a rug with these unique locally produced swaddling blankets made with organic cotton from My Little Dumpling. This delightful swaddling blanket is a large size (1.5m x 1m) for true versatility and ensures that it will last from the day you bring your baby home to the day he or she can build his own little fort with his or her beloved My Little Dumpling blanket.  This large and bright 100% certified organic cotton muslin is locally produced. Each swaddle gets softer and softer the more you love, use and wash it. These swaddles are super versatile. The  size makes it easy to use as sun cover for your pram, light summer sheet or tummy time blanket. The beautifully soft cotton is great against your skin and very absorbent.

This wonder product can be used in many ways:
♥ It’s great for using as a breastfeeding cover
♥ Mopper-upper of spills

Why Swaddle:

Studies have shown that swaddled babies sleep better, have a lower risk of SIDS and are generally less fussy as swaddling mimics the feeling of being inside the mother’s womb, all cosy and tucked away, warm and loved.

Swaddle Care Instructions:

The recommended temperature for everyday washing is 30C, but where there are babies there are stains, so, for stubborn stains and really dirty swaddles you can crank up the heat to 60C. Please note that constant very hot washes and tumble drying may shorten the lifespan of the swaddle.

 Please wash new swaddles before use. The more you wash them, the softer they get!

 Also, please note that cotton muslin is a very thin fabric and may sometimes warp and lose their original shape with regular use and care.

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