Perfect accessory for any age and any task!



Key features:
♥ Ergonomically designed
♥ Available in 4 colours
♥ Waterproof
♥ Versitile
♥ Made in South Africa
♥ Portable design

 Use As:
♥ Use as kneepal

♥ PVC Foam

Why We Pick it:

KneePal is the ultimate knee saver! The perfect present for babyshowers and granny!


No more kneeling on cold hard tiles or wet towels. Any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bathtime can be but it’s also potentially great bonding time. The Kneepal allows for lots of eye contact and play. Making bathtime more pleasurable for mum and bub. The perfect present for babyshowers and granny!


The ideal kneeling cushion for gardening! Gardening has never been more comfortable with these soft, moulded Kneepals. All weatherproof so it’s easy to use rain or shine! The Kneepal will not only save your knees from discomfort and bruising but also keep your clothes free from mud and dirt.


The Kneepal is an essential gadget for every household! Whether fixing tricky electrics, tightening that bolt or cleaning the pool filter, this handy knee pad will become one of your most used favourites! The Kneepal has a light and portable design – making it the perfect companion for those pesky tyre changes.

The Kneepal was launched at the 2012 Mama Magic baby show in South Africa and received the Silver Award for Product Innovation. Since then, its soaring sales has reinforced the judges view that the Kneepal is a very special product.


This unique and highly sought after product was initially conceived by the founder, Ingrid Conroy, who through enduring countless uncomfortable hours bathing her grandchildren, happened upon the idea to alter the ergonomics of kneeling forever! Together with her husband and daughter, and their drive for the perfect fit, the product took the trio three factories and four years before it was eventually to their satisfaction and ready for everyone to enjoy!

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Black, Green, Pink, Blue


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