FancyPants Mixed Part Time Nappy 11 Pack


The perfect part time nappy pack for starting your cloth nappy stash



FancyPants Mixed Part Time Nappy 11 Pack

Key features:
♥ Starter Pack
♥ 9 nappies
♥ 2 covers
♥ 4 inserts

Use As:
♥ Use as a cloth nappy starter pack

Why We Pick It:

Are you just beginning your cloth nappy “stash” or are you looking for a special gift for a new mum?  We have the perfect Part Time Nappy Pack for you.  FancyPants has been using cloth nappies for years and have compiled items that you’ll need to get started plus a few added extras that make life easier when you’re a new mum.

This part time nappy pack includes everything you need to cloth nappy your baby, including a few of each of FancyPants styles of nappies so that you have the perfect nappy any time of day.  Each pack of 11 nappies includes:

♥ 3 Originals Range Pocket Nappies with bamboo inserts (6 bamboo inserts in total)
♥ 2 Basics Range Pocket Nappies with microfibre inserts (4 microfibre inserts in total)
♥ 3 AIO Nappies (2 inserts sewn into each nappy)
♥ 1 Hemp Fitted Nappy with 2 hemp inserts (specifically for nighttime use)
♥ 2 Nappy Covers
♥ 4 Bamboo Inserts
♥ 2 rolls of bamboo nappy liners – all natural against babies skin and flushable (each roll includes 100 liners)
♥ 1 x 500 gram bag of Soapnuts
♥ 1 Wetbag
♥ 1 Changing Mat
♥ 1 x Oh Lief bum balm

***All nappies are OSFM (approximately 3.5 kg – 17 kg).  Please make your girl, boy or unisex pack selection***

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