Baby Sense Muslin Receiver


The Baby Sense Muslin Receiver is made of 100% cotton and is supersized for convenience.

The special muslin weave allows for natural airflow and is very soft against a baby’s skin.
The blanket measures 110 X 110cm.



Baby Sense Muslin Receiver

Key features:
Breathable: 100% lightweight cotton fabric with an open weave
♥ Generous size: 110 X 110cm
♥ Comfy: Gets softer with every wash
♥ Versatile: Works as a blanket for warmth, stroller cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and much more
Use As:
♥ The muslin receiver is breathable and comfortable
♥ The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for natural airflow and helps reduce the risk of your baby overheating, whilst still providing comfort and warmth
♥ The fabric is made of natural fibres and can withstand countless washes, becoming softer and better with age

Generous size: 110 X 110cm

♥ Machine Washable
♥ Do not dry clean
♥ Do not tumble dry
♥ Do not iron

Why We Pick it:
♥ Muslin is a unique fabric – an open woven cotton that allows for breathability and temperature regulation, as well as absorbs body moisture. Not only is muslin cloth gentle against your newborn’s skin, but it is also a wonderful product for warm climates, as it does not carry the risk of overheating.



Sleep: A muslin receiver is a basic necessity for the early days. Receivers are particularly convenient for extra warmth when out and about.
Calm: Cover the pram or infant seat to block out the over-stimulating world for your new baby.
♥ Feeding: If you do not have a feeding shawl, the Baby Sense Muslin Receiver can be effectively used to cover you and your baby whilst breast feeding.
♥ Comfort: Cover your baby’s mattress, changing table or play area with the soft muslin to create a gentle surface for your baby.

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