4aKid Nursing Cover


The Perfect accessory for nursing mothers

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4aKid Nursing Cover

Key features:
♥ Perfect Accessory
♥ Stylish
♥ Comfortable
♥ Discreet
♥ Boned neckline

Use As:
♥ Use as a nursing cover

Why We Use It:

The Perfect accessory for nursing mothers. 4aKid Breast-Feeding Covers allows mothers everywhere to feed their babies in comfort, style, and confidence – anytime, anywhere! Ideal for nursing mothers who feel frustrated or even give up breastfeeding, because of the difficulty of nursing in public.

Provides privacy and discretion when nursing in public places, as well as being ultra-trendy at the same time. Made entirely of cotton with a boned neckline so baby has breathing space and you can view your baby at all times during breastfeeding.

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Grey Flowers & Stripes, Maroon Landscape, Grey Zigzag


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