August 2, 2017

The Nappy Debate

Being a first time mom means everything to do with babies is new and sometimes scary.
But one thing that seemed simple was nappies. The most obvious choices that most people go for are Pampers and Huggies. I started off with Pampers. And loved them. Then I bought some Huggies on special. I wasn’t a fan. I found them really small and it just didn’t appeal to me. I finished the pack but will never buy them again. So we went back to Pampers.
My daughter is now 6 months old and I was feeling adventurous and decided to see what nappies I could get, but only on special. I saw Clicks was having a sale so I bought some of their Clicks Made for Baby Dry Protect nappies. We tried a small back and had no problems so I bought a bigger pack. What a mistake. Going from no leakage to leaking almost every day. And they just don’t hold the poop in at all.

Then My Baby Registry got in touch with Predo. To be honest, I had never heard of them and after the Clicks nappy disaster I was nervous to try something new. Predo kindly sent me a sample pack. I first tried them only during the day as I am tired and did not feel like a night time leak. After 1 day I decided that I need to try and use them at night. And I’m glad I did.
The first thing I noticed with Predo was the size. It was slightly smaller than Pampers and I was worried it would be a repeat of Huggies. But once you put it on you don’t even notice the size difference. I also noticed how soft the nappy felt. Also, unopened, the Predo nappy is wider than Pampers (picture attached).

Let me give you some facts about Predo:
1. It has a textile and not a plastic back sheet which allows airflow and comfort. It is fully bio-degradable and disintegrates quickly.
2. It has cottony soft breathable fabric.
3. It has fast absorbing leak barriers that do not allow the nappy to sag.
4. It has a revolutionary soft dry touch liner that absorbs wetness in seconds.
5. It has a hypoallergenic baby moisturising cream that protects your baby’s skin.

I decided to take all 3 nappies and pour a cup of water on each one. The same cup was used to pour water on the nappies. The results are as follows:
Clicks – I wasn’t surprised at all. The nappy didn’t hold the cup of water at all. After 1 minute when I pressed my hand onto the nappy, my hand was very wet and the water ran out the sides of the nappy. It was also very heavy to hold so I imagine it would sag a lot when on a child.

Pampers – The nappy held the water quite well. When I pressed my hand onto the nappy it was only slightly damp and no water ran out the nappy. It was also a little heavy but not bad at all. I was impressed.
Predo – All I can say is WOW! This nappy is amazing. I didn’t even wait a full minute before pressing my hand onto the nappy and my hand was basically dry. I wet the Predo nappy firstand then did the other 2 brands and when I went back to the Predo nappy. It felt soft and no water ran out at all. It was also the lightest of all the nappies.

So, the definite winner was Predo, followed by Pampers and then the Clicks brand. I cannot emphasise enough about how impressed I am with Predo. I will definitely be using their nappies from now on.

Predo Baby Diapers Jumbo Pack

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